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Islex Therapeutics, a biotechnology startup spun off from Johns Hopkins University, is dedicated to developing precision therapies for diabetes with severe beta cell loss in the pancreatic islets—the exclusive site of insulin production in the body. Islex Therapeutics is a pioneer in developing the world's only drug delivery platform for targeted beta cell therapies. This groundbreaking biotechnology is rooted in the discovery of an islet-specific cell-surface autoantigen, ZnT8. By harnessing the natural islet-homing ability of a ZnT8 autoantibody, Islex Therapeutics re-engineers it to precisely guide antibody-conjugated therapeutics to islets, thereby enhancing drug efficacy at the disease site while minimizing off-target toxicity. Presently, the company is focused on the preclinical development of a therapeutic antibody that can prevent and reverse autoimmune diabetes in mice. Concurrently, Islex Therapeutics is advancing next-generation immunoregulatory and regenerative therapeutics to establish a robust pipeline of islet-targeted combination therapies.

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