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Enabling Biotechnologies 

ZnT8 was intractable to biochemical characterization, intracellular tracking and therapeutic targeting. We have developed a suite of novel technologies to overcome these obstacles. The specifics of these technologies are outlined in the following issued and provisional patents.

1. Production, purification, reconstitution and functional characterization of a human zinc transporter ZnT8, US 11,016,085 and US 11.841.363.

2. A novel proteoliposome-based full-length ZnT8 self-antigen for type 1 diabetes diagnosis on a plasmonic platform, US 11.892.497

3. Highly specific monoclonal antibodies used as allosteric inhibitors and specific biosensors of human ZnT8, US17/268,925 (provisional), EP19849457.7

4. An ECL-based autoantibody assay for early diagnosis of T1D using a membrane-spanning ZnT8 antigenic domain, US17/616,864 (provisional), EP20817829.3

5. A novel mAb20-based in-cell ZnT8 assay, US 17/108,441 (provisional)

6. Cell-surface antibody to a specific biomarker of pancreatic β-cells for in-vivo imaging and targeted drug delivery, PCT/US2022/075156 (provisional).

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